How to Read on Specific Line of Medical Format .3ddose Data

In this thread I will share the code about getting specific information from standar medical format data by using MATLAB Code. There are at least two kinds of geometry format; cylindical and cartesian. In this thread I only use cartesian format .3ddose data. For cylindrical format will be write soon.

A File with 3ddose format consists of six line of data including information about :

Line 1 : Number of phantom pixel on x, y, and z direction.
Line 2 : Center location of each pixel on x axis.
Line 3 : Center location of each pixel on y axis.
Line 4 : Center location of each pixel on z axis.
Line 5 : Absorbed dose on each pixel
Line 6 : Error

Matlab Implementation

It is supposed that you are trying to get all absorbed dose  data in line 5 from "sample.3ddose".

Here is the code,

% created 7/13/2017
filename = ('sample.3ddose') ;
Line = 5 ; % line to read
fid = fopen(filename);
tline = fgetl(fid);
gline = Line ;

i = 0 ;
while ischar(tline)
    i = i+1 ;
    if (i == gline) 
        output= str2num(tline) ; % convert string to numerical value
    tline = fgetl(fid);


That all you need to get the absorbed dose value. You can also the code (M-File) on this LINK

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