How to Set an Image as A Bacground on Matlab GUI

In this moment I want to share how to add an image to create a background in Matlab GUI developing. As we know that adding an image or logo can be used to protect your ownership codes. In the same way it also can be fixed by using your name on it.
Okay, Let's start. In this case I have a Matlab GUI saved as  home.m. Here is the interface:

The purpose is we will use an image as the GUI. Picture below will be used on it and saved as hoom.jpg.

First thing that you have to do is saving the home.m  and hoom.jpg into a same folder. The next step, open the home.m and search for  home_OpeningFcn and find out codes below :
And add some codes below to complete the script as shown on this picture:

Just save and run. If it work well, your new GUI should be more artistic like this :

Ok guys, that's enough don't forget to share :)

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  1. ini maksudnya apa gan "There is no handlevisibiliting property on the Axes class"?

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